Wild Moon Offerings

Cynthia offers a number of treatment options to choose from depending on your financial needs and therapeutic goals.

(Distance services are available, so don't let geography be a barrier to your healing!)


Intensive healing package - 3 months (recommended to start)


*2-hr initial assessment

*12 1-hr sessions

*6 1/2-hr mini-sessions (can be over the phone)

*Customized lifestyle and yoga practice plan

*Cycle-tracking support

Value: $1,950 (Payment plan available.) 

A la carte 

Initial Consultation: 15 minutes - FREE

Individual Therapy Options:
     *1/2-hr mini-session - $65 
     *1-hr session - $130
     *1 & 1/2-hr session - $195
     *2-hr session - $260

Matrilineal Family Counseling: Grandmother/Mother/Daughter/Sister sessions can have a profound impact on not only our family system, but on our overall individual health. We heal in relationship, and these are some of the most powerful there are.  (The above pricing applies.)

Embodied DBT Group: 1 & 1/2-hr session per week - $95

Partner Support Group (open to spouses and other loved ones): 1-hr session per month - $30 




12-month therapy subscription

Combine any 4 offerings listed above a month! (With a 1-year commitment.)

Value: $500/month