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The Dark Moon and You: Wisdom for Weathering a Woman's Coldest Nights...

PMS, Menstruation and Menopause are some of the least talked about aspects of life for individuals assigned female at birth, though they are often areas of immense (and silent) suffering. The annual seasons of Fall & Winter mirror the internal landscapes that are typically present during these phases. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the darkness together to explore what happens physically, mentally, emotionally, and intuitively at these stages of life, and discover ways to deepen your self care when the going gets rough and you need it the most.

Pricing: $40 includes the workshop plus your botanical care package! 

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Align with Cycle

We exist in a web of concentric and overlapping cycles - from the ebbs and flows of daily light and energy, to the broad-sweeping phases of an individual’s life. We continually move through the seasons of the annual solar cycle, just as we navigate the more rapid monthly changes of our moon. Those with a menstrual cycle have the additional opportunity to experience this cyclical nature within their own bodies. Join Wild Moon Integrative Therapies for this complimentary workshop on cyclical living, the lunar month, and hormonal shifts.

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