Wild Moon Healing Packages

Cynthia offers a number of packages to choose from depending on your financial needs and therapeutic goals.

(Distance services are available, so don't let geography be a barrier to your healing!)


rebalance healing package - 1 Moon cycle


  • A Lifestyle Counseling Session (45 min) including Cycle-Tracking Sheets & Custom Planning so that you can realign your body with the lunar rhythms and turn your emotional battles into smooth sailing.

  • 2 Virtual Check-ins (0.5 hr each) so that you can feel connected, heard, and supported when you need it the most…all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

  • Weekly Cycle-Tracking Support so that you can reconnect with and deeply listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

  • A Customized Yoga Practice Plan so that you can restore & deeply nourish your whole system.

  • The ability to book additional a la carte sessions of your choosing moving forward!

    Investment: $430 

relieve healing package - 3 Moon cycles

Includes everything in the REBALANCE package, plus:

  • 2 additional Lifestyle Counseling Sessions (1 per month)

  • 4 additional Virtual Check-ins (2 per month)

  •  A Comprehensive Therapeutic Assessment (2-hrs) at the outset of your treatment so that you can feel understood & valued by Cynthia, a caring professional who understands your specific needs.

  • 6 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Sessions (1 hr each/2 sessions per month recommended during your Follicular & Ovulation phases and/or at the Waxing & Full Moon times), a skills-based approach to provide concrete emotion management tools so that you can mitigate mood swings mood swings before they start.

  • 3 Somatic Trauma Healing Sessions (1.5 hrs/1 session per month recommended during Menstruation or the New Moon) so that you can finally heal unresolved traumas, making it possible to reestablish love and trust in your intimate relationships.

    Investment: $2,715




realize healing package - 6 moon cycles

Includes everything in the RELIEVE package, plus:

  • 3 additional Lifestyle Counseling Sessions (1 per month)

  • 6 additional Virtual Check-ins (2 per month)

    Investment: $5,070