Work with the seasons of your life so that you may live in a more authentic, grounded, & joyful way. 






I specialize in treating reproductive mood disorders, typically affecting women and those assigned female at birth (AFAB).

Through integrating the best of several therapeutic modalities, I support you in living your best life at every phase of your cycle.

I maintain a non-judgmental space as you discover new terrain within and without,so that you can experience unprecedented healing.



What is a Reproductive Mood Disorder?

1 in 20 women of reproductive age suffers from severe physical, cognitive, and mood symptoms due to extreme sensitivity to normal hormone fluctuations related to the menstrual cycle or pregnancy/childbirth that cause disruption in her daily life, work, and relationships. Many are misdiagnosed because of a lack of awareness in mainstream medical and mental health circles. Culturally as women, we are generally not taught to track our cycles and to honor what is happening within ourselves. It is time for a sea change. 

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What is Integrative Therapy?

Integrative therapy melds together a number of healing modalities in service of the client's needs. Cynthia uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help clients manage symptoms, and Somatic Experiencing to heal deeper trauma at the bodily level. She also utilizes a comprehensive lifestyle counseling approach to assess and help individuals make sustainable changes in their daily habits, such as sleep, diet, and exercise. Throughout all her work, Cynthia holds a feminist lens which keeps in mind cultural and systemic elements that impact an individual's experience. 

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I am bright and kind, and bring my deep well of compassion and wisdom to each client I work with. I believe that so many maladies considered "natural" for many women actually originate from trauma and imbalance - and so are healable. I am client-centered in that rather than treating individuals with a singular "method", I consider the whole person, tailoring the therapeutic process in service of your healing.